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Not looked back

We absolutely love the stroller, it has given us both the freedom to get out and about. Ritchie loves it, maybe a wee bit too much… it is such a relief to be able to get him outside in the fresh air. It is easy to put together and take down. Very happy.

Life changer

This dog carriage has really transformed my life. I can now go out for hours with my wee Jack Russell just like we did when she young. Lately she’s been getting a bit lame or sometimes just plain tired and it’s been great to be able to scoop her up and put her in her pram and just keep on going. We both enjoy the outdoors but now she can do it and have a nice rest when she needs it. It has a great under carriage storage area and also a handy little storage box in front of the handle where I like to keep my phone. I am very glad I bought the raincover at the same time as the pram. Even in mid summer it’s been much needed on several occasions. My only criticism would be that the internal cushion that the dog is supposed to sit/lie on is pitifully thin. I actually opened it up and put in an extra layer of padding and yet could still feel the metal bars of the pram construction so have to also keep a fairly thick cushion on there as well. However with the cushion in place Dolly is very comfortable and seems happy to be wheeled along. It is very bouncy on anything other than perfectly flat ground. I hope it can stand up to the joggling. So far though it is doing very well. Fingers crossed it will last for years of happy exploring.

Dog Stroller

I am absolutely over the moon with my dog stroller. The delivery was super fast and the quality of the stroller is amazing. My little pug absolutely loves it. It’s helping massively as she has a condition that affects her back legs so cannot walk much any more. It’s worth every penny and I would highly recommend to anyone needing transport for their fur baby. S. Stone, Wiltshire.

So happy

We purchased this for our 14 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel as he was starting to slow down on his walks
This is a complete game changer as this now means we can go back to our longer walks with all 3 dogs and when the older ones gets tired he can be pushed around in comfort without missing out

Innopet Sporty - Really Like the Stroller

Our 14 year cockapoo is no longer able to do long walks, so have been looking for a stroller. I really like the Sporty, was looking for something that didn't look like a baby pram. It is solid, well built and easy to manoeuvre over rough terran, curbs and up and down stairs. Have used it for 2 long walks already, great to bring our furry baby along with us. Only caveat is the stroller is heavy, so something to think about if you will need to carry it any length of distance (I am not sure if the EVR tires increases the over all weight). The order process was very smooth with next day delivery. Over all a very good experience.

Great Product & Great Customer Service

I originally bought a stroller that was too small for my doggie to turn around as she has mobility problems - the team were fantastic in providing alternatives - I now have the Hercules and is big enough and a dream to push even with my podgy springer in there ! Could recommend highly enough - both for product and assistance

Pug Heaven

My pug, Theo loves walking but will not walk back home. As we live in the countryside the walks are beautiful but Theo struggles with the distance. So bought this buggy and he absolutely loves it and it makes our walks more enjoyable as I’m not having to carry him home.

Innopet Premium Cosy

Absolutely love it and so does Poppy.
Very sturdy, easy to push and great over uneven ground.

Easy to Use and Manoeuvre

I have two Toy Poodles, one 14 months old, the other will be 13 years this month.
The older one is in good health, can walk and run about, but has got to the stage where on lead road walking is no pleasure.
I bought the Premium Cozy last week so that she can save her energy for the fun times, off lead in the park.
She took to it instantly, sits there like a Queen in her carriage, the pup walks beside, until we reach an open space where she will stand up and show she is more than keen to come down and play.
There they both come off their leads and play, it’s a joy to behold, to see how much energy she has when she hasn’t wasted it walking to get there.
You don’t have to wait until your dog is almost immobilised before buying one of these, they can improve the quality of a dogs life well before then.
The photo shows brown Hettie 13 years and red Rune 14 months in the Cozy, the pup was out of there almost instantly, ‘cos she wanted to be off, but I just wanted to get a picture of them together in there 😁


Very pleased with this item, no more wet dog or stroller

Dog Stroller

Excellent service and quality Dog Stroller.Very happy senior dog and owner .

Very pleased

Prompt delivery. Easy to put together and a manageable weight. The only downside is the front wheel doesn’t lock for stability on very uneven ground. My eldest dog seems very at ease in his new @chariot”

The Prince of Wheels

So proud to push my boy around in this stroller. He settled, he slept, he popped his head out. So easy to set up and fold down. So easy to push and manoeuvre. Really happy with it.

Well made

My golden retriever weighs 34.5kg and she fits perfectly in the pram. Got her to sit in with some treats and her favourite toy!
In photo she can go back alot more in pram so ignore her legs popping over !!!
So glad I ordered this . You get what you pay for. Great , quick delivery. Ordered on a Sunday evening came on the Tuesday afternoon. Definitely order off doggy & moggie again

Rolls Royce of Dog Strollers

Really beautiful stroller - felt really proud pushing my 2 boys around. It is extremely well made - the only problem I have found is that it has a mind of it's own when stopping. I need to remember to put brake on every time.

Great stroller

Having had a stroller years ago that had 4 wheels and no direction, we went for this one because of it's quality and the directional front wheel design. Both are exactly what we wanted. Our dog takes a 22" dog coat, and it is a neat fit for her. She can no longer walk because of severe arthritis and this will guarantee she stays part of our lives. If I had to change anything on the design, then I would increase the top length and reduce the angle at the front. The fact that it folds makes this a really adaptable daily transport for our dog.

Fabulous Frankie

Absolutely love this doggy stroller it’s just what we needed for our little Frankie after her second IVDD surgery. This stroller means we can get out on decent walks again without the worry that Frankie will be tired or not able to keep up. She absolutely loves it as you can see by the pictures. This is great for her recovery and beyond, we all love it. Easy to assemble, quick delivery and just a great product. Frankie is a miniature dachshund weighs about 6.5kg

Life saver

My elderly dog isn’t able to walk far now. Rather than give up our walks I decided to order a stroller. Innopet was recommended as one of the best and I ordered the Comfort EFA. It was very simple to put together and I have now used it on pavements, forestry tracks and over rough stony ground. The front wheel can be set with the push of a button to swivel which I prefer, or locked. I find this easier to manoeuvre. The tyres are EFA so no chance of punctures in the middle of a forest. It is very well made and you can fold it easily with one hand. I am an old weakling and have no problem lifting it into my car boot. My dog still gets out for a short walk and to toilet and then she goes back in the stroller to enjoy the walk. I get a good workout pushing it! I must also recommend Doggie & Moggie. The company provided a first class service from ordering through to after service. When I discovered I had ordered the wrong rain cover it was replaced immediately. I would recommend the rain cover as in heavy rain you will need it. For info, my dog is 10kilo Westie and it’s a perfect size for her.

Excellent piece of kit

A well thought out design, very robustly made, our puppies love it. We're long distance walkers and our puppies can only walk short distances so the dog stroller is just the job. When the puppies get tired they ask to get in the stroller. The orthopedic cushion is great for tired little legs to rest on. I would highly recommend both, it's well worth the extra cost.

Great product

Easy to manoeuvre, very sturdy and well made. Our dog is very happy with it.

Super Service Super Product

From speaking to customer service to receiving our dog carrier I can give doggie and moggie 5 Stars. Excellent service and the dog stroller is just what we need for our 'off road' walks , whilst nurturing our Border Terrier with cruciate ligament damage. Thanks

You need to look at this !

Always joked that one day our chaps might need a “buggy”. Charlie is 13 a working cocker….never worked but played very hard. Now gets tired on a long walk and needs a break. We now take the “Boogie Bus” out on a long walk with us and when he is tired he has his break and we can crack on. When he ready to trot again he puts his paw on the edge and we get him out. He loves it and we have got our freedom back. I thought I knew what I wanted but had a couple of queries so use the “chat” to ask some questions. Oh my, how absolutely kind and helpful and in the middle of a Bank Holiday Sunday. Delighted Humans and Doggie.Thank You.

Doggy ATV

Well made product our 11 year old staffie won’t get in it until he is tired 😴 but when he does he loves it and relaxes allowing my wife and I to enjoy our walks a lot longer.

Great buy

This is our 3rd pooch pram & by far the best! Much smoother to push with the air tyres & more compact than our last one, but still fits 2 elderly Jack Russells. They love still being able to be out all day & go much further than they can walk. Great features too. The accessory bag is useful & it has a drop down hatch with a zip at the front of the pram for your pooch to see out & get fresh air whilst laying down.

Innopet Comfort dog stroller

Fantastic product! Simple to assemble (no tools needed) and folds in a simple single handed operation. If your pooch needs a stroller make this the one you get - Ozzy loves his!!