When purchasing from doggy & moggie you will now receive a extended Innopet two-year warranty. This applies to any Innopet orders made via doggy & moggie after the 1st January 2022.

Should you need to make a warranty claim, please contact us for hassle-free instructions. We will look to resolve any warranty claims as quickly as possible

1/ All manufacturing defects in the fixed frame (24 months); All manufacturing defects in the axles (24 months);

2/ All manufacturing defects in the wheels (24 months);

3/ All manufacturing defects of the safety harness (24 months);

4/ All manufacturing defects on the fabric/covers and zippers (12 months)

1/ Damage caused by accident as a result of your pet's behaviour. This includes bite tears, scratching and other similar activities.

2/ Defects due to negligence or an accident and/or use or maintenance other than specified in the user manual.

3/ Defects due to overload where the maximum load capacity has been exceeded

4/ Damage to the product caused by normal wear and tear.

5/ If you have made adjustments or repairs or have had them carried out without first obtaining written permission from InnoPet or the seller.

6/ Improper mounting or installation of third-party parts that are not compatible with the product.

7/ Damage due to inattention or accidental damage, abnormal use or insufficient care.

8/ Improper storage/care of the product.

9/ Damage to push handles or upholstery caused by normal daily use of the product.

10/ Tyre/inner tube punctures.

11/ Rust formation as a result of a lack of care. ie lack of cleaning after use.

12/ Damage as a result of incorrect use or failure to follow the user manual.

13/ Damage as a result of repairs carried out by unauthorized persons or as a result of incorrect disassembly of the product.

14/ Transport damage (during air or other transport): carefully inspect your InnoPet product after it has been transported by an airline (or other carriers), and immediately file a claim with the carrier in case of damage.

15/ Customer dissatisfaction with the product concerning suitability, weight, functionality, colour or design.

It should always be considered that obstacles can cause damage to your buggy - in particular impacts with curbs. When going down a pavement, tilt the buggy slightly towards you so that the front wheel is off the ground. Then push the buggy forward and let the rear wheels gently roll off the pavement first. Then you can put the front wheel back on the ground. Never bump your buggy against a curb, this can cause damage to the wheel suspension. This is not covered by the warranty.

Metal rims/parts require maintenance. It is not a stainless steel material. Think of walks on the beach where the buggy is exposed to, for example, salt and moisture. Good maintenance extends the lifespan.

Before folding your product, make sure that all zippers are - if possible - completely unzipped. If this is not the case, there may be too much tension on the covers, resulting in cracks. There is no warranty if this event occurs.
Should the situation arise that a part is defective and this falls outside the manufacturer's warranty, you can, in almost all cases order the spare parts separately.

To make a claim under this manufacturer's warranty, you please provide with the following items:

1/ Proof of purchase, ie order number or email receipt

2/ A clear description of the complaint

3/ The production number of the article in question, if possible (you will find this on a small whote sticker on the frame, starting #MO).

4/ Photos - and if possible videos - of the defective part or product.

All details can be sent to hello@doggyandmoggie.co.uk and we will work with Innopet to resolve the problem.

If the issue falls outside the manufacturer's warranty, you can, in almost all cases order the spare parts separately.

The following terms and conditions apply;

1/ The Innopet warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase as indicated on the proof of purchase.

2/ This Innopet warranty is only valid in Europe and the United Kingdom where the product was purchased. InnoPet only guarantees that the product complies with the legal provisions and / or government regulations that apply in the area in which the product is sold. InnoPet reserves the right to apply a different manufacturer's warranty for those specific areas.

3/ The Innopet warranty only applies to a product that is purchased for private use. This limited Innopet warranty expressly does not apply to products obtained for commercial purposes or use, including, but not limited to, products for commercial rental.

4/ The Innopet warranty gives the right to repair, unless InnoPet is of the opinion that replacement or return of the product or spare part is necessary. InnoPet bears the costs and risk of transport to and from the seller (hereinafter: “the seller”) from whom you purchased the product, provided that the repair is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

5/ InnoPet reserves the right to discontinue the manufacture of specific models, colours, coverings or accessories and therefore replaces parts with comparable products, colours or coverings during the manufacturer's warranty period.

6/ The Innopet warranty is non-transferable. It can therefore only be invoked by the first owner.

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